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Did anyone here ever make 7 pieces of the elemental Grace's from the abyss and 3 piece of the non abyss grace? You'd have 30.6% + 29.6% status ailment augmentation. I'm curious how fast that would build up, would you inflict status after like 2-3 hits? I was thinking about trying it out. >>

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Dec 10, 2017 · The game will not be corrupted. If you have items with illegal / impossible stats, the next time you load your save, the "illegal" items will revert / re-roll into having a legit stats.

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Aug 30, 2017 · This posts contains all information about ethereal gear in Nioh I am personally aware of. This may, or may not be a work in progress and information may, or may not be (and stay) accurate. We will do this Q&A style for the most part. I’m still only my first play through, is this relevant to me...

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Version .5 Nioh Status Effects. a guest Nov 13th, 2017 1,905 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! raw download ... 502:STATUS AILMENT AUGMENTATION (ELECTRIFIED) +12.9%. 503:STATUS AILMENT AUGMENTATION (MUDDIED) +12.9%. 504:STATUS AILMENT AUGMENTATION(Paralyzed) +12.9% ...


But the status ailment augmentation should help inflict electrified and once it does, that CCA should help quite a bit. That would really be interesting to see with a warrior of the west and Takemikazuchi build - sounds like you've already got that half-built. The low attack damage is an interesting choice.

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Feb 11, 2017 · Nioh Best Items Guide that gives an overview of some of the must-have items that you need in Nioh throughout the course of the game. Items in Nioh

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Feb 01, 2017 · What does the community think of Nioh? 2017-01-31 16:45:00 by Marcel Hoang. 0. Parry me senpai. Nioh is shaping up to be my first big purchase for 2017. Even though I …

Nioh Status Ailment Augmentation

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Jul 05, 2005 · Nioh boss ko khó nếu 1-1 chỉ ức chế lúc 1 vs 2 thôi. Cảm giác đánh nhau teo trym nhất là 1 mình vs 2 con Raven Tengu, rồi sau đó là 1 vs Tachibana + Tadakatsu Honda. Nobunaga + Yuki Onna thì mình thấy dễ hơn cặp TachiVsHonda. Còn boss ấn tượng nhất với mình là Yuki Onna.

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You could do without the CtA and have two slots so you could have both status ailment augmentation and CCA for one of the elements... Hopefully between the auto-recovery from the set bonus and the life from Amrita absorption on the chest; hopefully you wouldn't need the life drain on your weapon.

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Status Ailment Augmentation (Five Elements) +24.9% This Grace can only be obtained in the Abyss. It is only useful by equipping 7 pieces together, as the 6P and 7P bonuses work well together.

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Sword Build – Nioh. The sword is by far the most balanced weapon in all of Nioh, as it offers skilled users a variety of approach options without limiting them to a specific playstyle or mentality.

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Nov 22, 2017 · Also Gunsticks with Scorch Status Ailment Augmentation allow you to burn him pretty easily which speeds up the fight a fair bit. ... Here's a link to the Level 1 Way of the Nioh

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Aug 05, 2017 · Nioh Prev. 1 … Go to page. Go ... but this one in particular is easy with just equipping one set and having paralysis on your weapon with augmentation. Literally 2-3 hits and they are instantly paralyzed. ... maybe the base values for status ailments are extremely high on those strong attacks, or something? Could be pretty easy to inflict ...

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Jul 22, 2018 · The augmentation from guardian spirits seems to actually work. Like poison from bishas centipede. Augmentation on weapons seems to work despite it pretty much being a junk stat. Inflicting status ailments via elemental dmg on weapons or elemental weapon buff items rarely inflicts the status ailments. Also LW doesn't seem to do it either.

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Guide Tips Information Nioh game GamingAnk. Nioh. Search this site. Startside. Armour. 1- Special Head Gear. 2- Light. 3- Medium. 4- Heavy. Accessories. Armour SE. Armour Sets. Bosses Human. Bosses Yokai. Dojo. The Way of the Ninja. The Way of the Onmyo. The Way of the Warrior ... Status Ailment Augmentation: +12.4 (Electrify) Ninjutsu Damage ...

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Status Ailment Augmentation (Scorched) (self.Nioh) submitted 2 years ago by RuffRyder26Ruff_Ryder_26. Among the new special effects (soooo many to choose from) are the status ailment augmentation effects.

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Leader of the Ten Braves Set [IMG] (2 Items) Damage Reduction 2.8%(3 Items) Dash Endurance 15.0%(4 Items) Close Combat Damage +12.7%(5 Items) Equipment Lightness Damage Bonus A+(6 Items) Status Ailment Augmentation (Paralysis) +28.0%